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 Lozein CEO and founder, Giselle Stanborough

Lozein CEO and founder, Giselle Stanborough

Lozein originates as a vision of pride in the productive potential of humanity and maintains its organisational structure in commitment to those goals. 


Our groundbreaking algorithms represent a true innovation in human–computer interaction. Lozein’s in-depth user profiling and interpersonal correlation prediction technology encourages meaningful connection between users, based on a sophisticated inquiry and quantification of who you really are. Lozein’s broad-ranging computational integration systems perceive and reconstruct you comprehensively as a completely authentic individual. This means that each user has the confidence and assurance of truly transparent user profiles. There is no possibility of fraud or dishonesty on Lozein. Personal integrity, honesty and accountability form the currency of this new romantic economy, and Lozein provides the digital infrastructure through which this may be actualised, quantified and communicated.

Lozein is the first ethical meritocracy in the Internet dating industry, and provides a platform for heroes and heroines alike to rebuild themselves, each other and the world.

 Giselle Stanborough,  Lozein  Founder & CEO

Giselle Stanborough, Lozein Founder & CEO