A New Philosophy in online dating

self-esteem — embracing yourself  


Your self-esteem score illuminates the extent to which you believe you are appropriate to life and entitled to happiness. Lozein evaluates your self-esteem and helps to build it, by monitoring and supporting you during your journey to higher self-acceptance and better self-responsibility.

Our emphasis on self-esteem elevates Lozein above other dating apps because we serve the needs of the individual in facilitating potential relationships, and ensure a more emotionally stable and healthy foundation for love.



Integrity scores communicate each user’s loyalty to his or her convictions and the extent to which such principles are upheld. High integrity scores indicate a steady congruence between what you know, what you profess, and what you do. Lozein’s integrated monitoring algorithm is a market leader, and provides the most accurate assessment of a user’s integrity available today.


Before Lozein you could never be sure of person’s honesty. Our honesty evaluation allows you to see at a glance the extent to which a prospective partner recognises the reality of his or her existence. This actuality of selfhood is presented to you without fraud or deception.


Your pride score reflects your moral ambitiousness. At Lozein, we believe in your potential to be the best you, and we want you to connect with others who will help you on your journey to achieve this. Our pride monitor ensures that you maintain your belief in yourself as your highest value and honour your commitment to moral discipline. Pride scores will assist you and your prospective partners in correcting any wrongdoings and eliminating any false sense of unearned guilt.