A New Philosophy in online dating

Purpose — your daily commitments 


Purpose is the central value that integrates and determines the hierarchy of each user’s daily commitments. Users with lower purpose scores tend to lack consistency and be more vulnerable to inner conflicts and whims. Lozein does not match users in relation to the content of each individual’s professed purpose, but rather evaluates your commitment and clarity of vision to ensure a more stable relationship foundation.


Benevolence scores quantify the extent to which each user demonstrates a respect and tolerance for other human beings. Users with high benevolence scores understand that happiness is the goal of each individual, and as such do not impede on the rights of others in the enjoyment of their own existence.


Independence scores reveal a user’s level of self-reliance and their ability to accept responsibility for their own judgements. Lozein’s user-correlation algorithm ensures a symbiotic basis for interpersonal relationships. Users who score poorly in Independence are offered additional Lozein monitoring services to ensure you experience healthy and mutually satisfying relationships.


Productivity scores demonstrate each user’s creative engagement in their consciously chosen pursuits. Most often this is in the form of their career. It is neither the degree of ability nor the scale of your employment and income that is integral to Lozein’s ethical framework, rather it is the purposeful operation of your mind and your accumulation of skill that is analysed and stratified.